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Tasty Treats for the Bedroom

Posted on: October 13, 2008

Have you been married for years and never really considered using any intimacy enhancement products?  If that’s you, you’re definitely not alone.  However, many couples are interested in learning more – but, want to tiptoe into the shallow end of the pool (so to speak).  So, tasty treats for the bedroom are a perfect place to start.

There are a wide variety of edible products that have definitely been improved over the years.  In past years, everything tasted terrible.  But, no more.  Today’s sexual edible lubricants, massage lotions, and oral products are tasty and terrific — making them the perfect introductory products to enhance your sexual relationship.

The first type of product I’d like to discuss are body powders.  Most of these have a sugar base, so do not put these products in intimate areas as they can enhance yeast growth.  These are often applied like regular body powder with either a traditional puff or can be applied with a sensual body feather.  These powders have a yummy taste and are a treat for your spouse.  They can kiss and lick their way around your body, re-exploring your curves with their tongue.  At treat for you both.

My favorite body powder is Passion Powder by Passion Parties.  It even comes with a feather tickler to apply the powder. 

It comes in two tasty flavors:  chocolate raspberry and cotton candy (although I, personally, think the cotton candy tastes like strawberry – it’s still very good). 

It comes in a 2 ounce jar and is pretty easy to manage.  Like most loose powders, it’s difficult to not make a little bit of a mess with it, but that can be half the fun.

This is a fun product to introduce into your marriage bed if you’ve never used anything like it before.  You can even play a little game with your spouse by putting this tasty powder on your body and have your spouse search and find it.

Since it has sugar, this is another warning to keep it away from intimate areas.  Sugar promotes yeast growth and that certainly won’t enhance your intimacy if you come away with a yeast infection.

Do you like the idea of a sensual product that will warm to the touch, will warm when blown on, and will warm with friction?  Warming lubricants and oral gels and lotions have become very popular.  They can turn a routine sexual encounter with your husband into a fun and exciting experience. 

My favorite is Fireworks by Passion Parties.  This great warming lotion comes in ten delicious flavors (strawberry, watermelon, cherry, cinnamon, hot fudge, passion fruit, peppermint, pina colada, raspberry and vanilla).  A little goes a long way.

Fireworks comes with a handy pump on top, for one-handed action.  This is really important if you’re trying to keep the moment and not have to pause to get more product.  Also, the pump top prevents any spills and messes.

This product is glycerine-based and contains the artificial sweetner, acesulfame-K.  Personally, I don’t like to use artificial sweetners because of the health implications.  However, it makes sense in these types of products – since sugar would be a no-no.  Also, you’re not really injesting enough (typically) to consider this a food product.  If you have a sensitivity to acesulfame-K, then you’d want to avoid this product.

The last product I want to highlight in this blog post is Tasty Tease.  This product comes in three flavors:  peppermint (the most popular), strawberry, and pina colada. 

What makes Tasty Tease helpful (in addition to being yummy tasting) is that it contains a small amount of benzocaine – which can help women who experience a gagging sensation during oral sex. 

Many women have a very sensitive gag reflex and the benzocaine in Tasty Tease can tame that and allow them to pleasure their husbands without any unpleasant or embarrasing gagging. 

In addition, Tasty Tease has a strong, yet pleasant taste, that can mask the taste of semen for women who have trouble with it.  It may not seem like a big deal, but for the wife who has issues with either of these things – this product can be a real marriage enhancer and can give her the sexual confidence she may have been lacking.

Are you interested in ordering tasty edible products right now?  CLICK HERE.  As a “thank you” for visiting my blog today, please use the following coupon code to receive 10% off your order: SAVETEN


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